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Why use ScootRoad Traders?

ScootRoad Traders is a safe payment system for the Internet that protects both buyer and seller from various forms of online fraud, including non-delivery or misrepresentation of goods, stolen credit cards, fake checks and money orders, Nigerian scams, and more.

We live in a changing, reshaping and freshly emerging world. Global connections, unimagined a few years ago, have become common. Communications, online commerce, work, and daily lives have quicken pace, connected us to new “friends,” increased consumer demand for service and specialized expertise. Plus, millions of people are working for themselves running small businesses that need ecommerce marketing and back office support.

ScootRoadTraders stores are designed for our changing times. We locally serve online and off-line customers with time-saving convenience, money-saving products, and valuable assistance accessing the massive e-commerce marketplace.

ScootRoad Traders for Buyers

Know what to expect

With our standard 10 Day Money Back Guarantee available for all items, the buyers can be sure that the item advertised will be received exactly as described in the original ad or by the seller. If a buyer decides to return an item, the seller will be charged for all the shipping and handling fees associated with the process.

Product Check

when an item is listed for sale, we compare the original description and pictures with the actual item. We only allow stock photos of items being listed when the item is brand new (except vehicles and large items).

Free Service

our service is absolutely free for buyers, we don't charge a penny more than the price originally listed. We deduct all fees necessary (shipping, handling, listing fees, etc) from our commission. There are no hidden fees.

Purchase Protection

with ScootRoad Traders, you're protected from checkout to delivery. We spot problems before they happen with the latest anti-fraud technology. Your financial info is never given away to sellers. And if something goes wrong with your order, your eligible transactions will be fully reimbursed.

Safe Payment System

our safe and secure payment service is scam-proof. With all the late scams on Craigslist involving known payment methods such as PayPal, Credit Cards, Cashiers Checks, no transaction is safe and even sellers are exposed to scams. Our payment system is 100% secure and we will not accept any of the payment methods specified above on Craigslist and Oodle. The payment goes through our system and will be verified and held in a trusted account. The buyer pays only after receives and approves the item. This eliminates stolen Credit Cards and PayPal accounts, fake Nigerian checks, etc. Read our "Spoof Protection" page for more information about the above mentioned scams.

ScootRoad Traders for Sellers

No Sale - No Charge

We charge sellers only after the item sells, no sale-no charge. We can re-list unsold or returned items until sold.

%100 Payment Guaranteed

Sellers can be 100% sure that they receive real money in exchange for their items.

Analytics and Assessment

We will analyze the current market and determine the best Online and Offline Marketplaces to list your vehicle. We will take care of all the marketing/advertising fees till your vehicle sells.

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Protect yourself from SCAMMERS

Find out how to protect yourself from scammers by taking a look at our Security Center page.

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