10 Days Money Back Guaranteed

All refunds will be made within 24 hours of receipt of cancellation - no questions asked!

The 10 Day Money Back Guarantee is available ONLY for items sold through Geebo and all major Classified Sites such as Oodle and Craigslist. On a free website, a buyer doesn’t have the guarantee that the item purchased is exactly as described so every website encourages the transactions to be made in person only. Well, no more…

By offering this 10 day money back guarantee we expand the selling area by offering shipping and we guarantee that the item is received exactly as described by the seller. We verify all items including vehicles before they are listed for sale and verify if the item description is accurate.

The guarantee is available from the day the item is received. Within the 10 Day Money Back Guarantee the buyer must verify the item and reach a decision. If the buyer decides to return the item he\she will be refunded, we will handle the shipping and the seller will be responsible for the shipping fees. If the buyer decides to accept the item, our staff must be notified and the payment will be released to the seller. In case of a vehicle sale, the title\registration will be transferred to the new owner only after the 10 Day Money Back Guarantee period is over.

This All-In-One Guarantee Offers the Online Insurance Users Need 

Buying is easier knowing the item will be received as described by the seller or ScootRoad Traders agent.

Selling is faster – the item can be shipped anywhere in United States.

How long does the Buyer have to inspect the items?

When the Buyer agree to terms, an Inspection Period between 1-10 days is specified. The Inspection Period is the time the Buyer has to examine the merchandise once received. If the Inspection Period has expired and ScootRoad Traders has confirmed the Buyer received the item, ScootRoad Traders assumes that the Buyer has approved the merchandise. Therefore, the Seller is paid.

How does the Buyer decline or reject items sent by ScootRoad Traders?

During the Inspection Period, the Buyer would click on “Return My Item” on the Left Screen. At that point, ScootRoad Traders is responsible for returning shipment to the Seller using a traceable shipping method.

How does the Buyer decline some of the items sent by  ScootRoad Traders?

During the Inspection Period, the Buyer would click on “Return My Item” on the Left Screen. Once rejected, the Buyer must contact the ScootRoad Traders directly to return partial merchandise.

What if the Buyer  does not like the items?

The Buyer has the Inspection Period (10 Days) to approve the items. If dissatisfied, the Buyer must return the items to ScootRoad Traders. Once ScootRoad Traders has received the items and confirmed that they are in satisfactory condition, ScootRoad Traders end the deal. The ScootRoad Traders fee and any original shipping fees will be taken out of the original payment made to ScootRoad Traders by Seller.

What if the Buyer does not like the vehicle?

The Buyer must return the vehicle to ScootRoad Traders, and the Seller responsible for the return shipping and all transaction fees.

How are Buyers  refunded?

In the event of a cancelled transaction or a partial refund to the Buyer, funds will be returned using the same method as the Buyer paid. Funds received by wire will be refunded by check, unless the Buyer requests a wire transfer. ScootRoad Traders charges fees to refund via wire transfer $20 for domestic wires, $40 for international wires.

What if the items are damaged during shipping?

In the event you receive damaged merchandise the receiver (Buyer or Seller) should first contact ScootRoad Traders and mark the merchandise as “received” and damaged. Next, the receiver must immediately report the damage to the shipping company, and to the ScootRoad Traders. This is because some shipping companies have a time restriction within which such a claim can be filed for compensation. The two parties must promptly establish the proper procedure for filing a claim, and submit all available proof. All ScootRoad Traders shipments are insured, the compensation include the shipping cost. Please be aware that the receiver of damaged merchandise should not re-ship the item as this will, wait for ScootRoad Traders instruction how to return the item.

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Drop Off Service

Turn old memories into new money!The average household has over $2,000 in unused items, just gathering dust. ScootRoad Traders Stores Drop Off Service helps you turn those old items into cash on Geebo. We know what Sells

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Fundraising Services

Raise funds for any charity effortlessly, year-round! ScootRoad Traders innovative Fundraising Services puts the "fun" back in fundraising for your Hospital, School, Church, or other Non-profit organization.

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Empty your Storeroom and fill your pockets! ScootRoad Traders Business Services can quickly and discretely sell excess inventory and surplus equipment on Geebo, the World's most efficient online Marketplace.

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On-Site Appraisal-Pickup

Have a large quantity of items to sell? With Our Services At Home, we come right to your Home or Office to help you identify the items that are likely to sell well on Geebo. While we're there, we research each item’s value, then bring them safely back to our Store to photograph and list for you.

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Motor Vehicle Service

Sell your vehicle on Geebo Motors, the World’s largest online Automotive Marketplace. For one flat fee, ScootRoad Traders Motors' motor vehicle listing service gives you a live, professionally-created Geebo Motors auction that will bring interested buyers to your listing.

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Personal Shopping Service

Let us do your shopping for you with with our ScootRoad Traders Personal Shopping Services. We all live in a busy and fast paced World today, and our service provides the perfect solution for people that do not have the time to shop for their personal items and gifts for friends and loved ones!

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